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Dear my followers and contacts,

Last year, I had a contract with SIM-SPA.IT company, as a Key Expert, who is based in italy and expert provider of ALANET Consortium, for a framework contract in Turkey, and have below experiences that have to be shared with you, because you should pay attention to sign a contract and work with a consortium in the future,

  • at the time of beginning of the project, the team leader was resigned because the consortium and SIM-SPA.IT is not prefessional,
  • the consortium did begin to find another team leader for 3 months, and attempted 3 times for approval, all of them were rejected, because they did not quality at least of the former TL, Finally, They found "Robert Jennings", who is very kind and i was pleasure to meet him,
  • During the finding the new TL, beneficiary asked a kick-off, and I did attend to the meeting, during the meeting, beneficiary also asked to prepare the inception report.the consortium asked me to prepare the report, despite it was not my duty, I did prepare. then I did present the timesheet, but SIM-SPA.IT did not pay this, because the beneficiary did not sign it,
  • During the implementation, according to my contract, the payment should had been paid in 30 days, but the SIM-SPA.IT paid more than 30 days, 40,50,90 days,
  • According to my contract, it is not said that swift fee would be shared, but the SIM-SPA.IT send the money, with shared fee, and got the payment as less than the contract said,

  • Before the final report approval, according to consortium contract, they had to prepare the project outputs in paper forman in 3 copies. But they put very low budget for this job, so they did not provide the outputs in 3 months, after this they paid me additionally to do this job and finally the final report was ready.
  • the additonal amount was cut from Team Leader payment in the end, because they said that the printing jobs were TL responsibility, but his contract doesn't say like that,
  • After the final report approval, We, both sent our invoices, but the SIM-SPA.IT said that the last payment would be paid if the project financially approved. We asked them about the meanings of it, the SIM-SPA.IT said that their money should be in their bank. But our contract don't said like this.
  • After final report approval, the consortium did begin to prepare the financial report needed to prepare the audit report. They did make this report audited company and they finally send the financial report after 3 months of final report.
  • during the reviewing the financial report, beneficiary asked the audited report in original, so we did learn that the consortium did wrong again, and they did send the original,

  • after the sending all relevant documents by the consortium, SIM-SPA.IT, who is contracted with us, still kept our money and did not pay. The beneficiary asked whether the consortium paid the experts money or not and asked a declaration. so we never signed this, because we had not got our money,
  • means that this is 9 months after the final report approved, the consortium paid the money to SIM-SPA.IT and SIM-SPA.IT paid our money without late interest fee, and always broke the contract and EU conditions,

We strongly urge you while deciding you for working a consortium, it is up to your decision. We only shared our experiences .


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