Who we are

We love to share

We are a group of dedicated and selected experts on international and domestic project management, tendering and education.

Located mainly in Europe and Asia, having completed projects in US, we have decided to provide this knowledge to other experts around the world to facilitate knowledge sharing.

We believe in providing fast tender and project information to experts to hand them refined knowledge, where they need it and when they need it.

What we do

Knowledge Transfer

Reaching important tender, project and grants information on a filtered, easy-to-understand format is our mission.

For this, we value in delivering the quickest notifications about upcoming and newly-released project information.

Answering questions on our portal is crucial for us since we want to have a community here together with people to understand and help each other.Both virtually and physically we are here for you at any phase of your projects to support.

We are excited to help you, contact us to arrange knowledge sessions!